Sunday Morning Recap – 11/8/09

What a great morning of worship! We had the wonderful addition of a tenor sax player to our band this morning. He’s recently began attending our church, and he is fantastic!!  I was amazed at how much it added to have him play with the band. He knew just when to play to help fill in the holes, and it added such a rich texture.  He also played a wonderful jazz/gospel version of “Blessed Assurance” for the offertory. So excited to have him be part of our team!!

When I chose the songs this week, I intentionally chose songs with the sax in mind. They were all songs we normally do, but just ones that I thought would work well with that additional instrument.

So, we did:

“You Are Good”  (Israel Houghton)

“Better Than Life” (Israel Houghton)
“Jesus Messiah” (Chris Tomlin)
“We Fall Down” (Chris Tomlin) – (with that amazing sax solo in the middle, which he did a great job on!)

Sax solo during offering

“Shine” (Matt Redman)

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading through all of your setlists at:the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com at


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