NWLC Workshop Notes – Using Tracks, Loops, and Music Software to Enhance Your Live Sound

Phillip Edwards, Interactive Worship Live

–          Always uses click track and loop track

–          Loop track – percussion, ongoing – no set song structure

–          Why run MultiTracks?

  • Some have tough time with the idea of using something that’s not live onstage
    • But, many do it – MWS, Coldplay
  • You can fill in missing players – drums, bass, etc… if you’re missing it
  • MultiTrack Masters can be your whole band.
    • You can adopt technology to your band to sound more current
  • Or just part of your band…
    • Loops for percussion
      • Gives you a sonic sound that’s in the house
      • Doesn’t lock you in to a specific part of the song
    • Leave in the live strings, real horns, synth noises, key melodic hooks
    • Replace a missing musician
    • Video Capability
    • MultiTracks can become another musician on the stage
  • Incredible Teaching Tool!
    • Solo parts in rehearsal so musicians can learn their parts
    • Export mixes so musicians and singers can learn parts for rehearsal purposes
      • They can rehearse with it during the week
    • Mute what you have live on stage and you sound like the original with the right mix

–          Ableton Live – Berlin, Germany

  • Created for DJ Market
  • How does it work?
  • Video track, too – pre-produced, so it follows the song in time
  • You can assign a few measures to loop, so if you want to repeat the chorus, you can just push a key on computer and repeat the intro as many times as you like.
  • Or, you can push a button and it can go to the Bridge, or go the Chorus, so at the end of the current section, it will jump to a new section.
  • You can play it like you’re playing an instrument
  • PC or MAC
  • Can have a Guide track – tells people in ears, “Intro – 1,2,3,4”;
  • The click track just disappears – to them….
  • With only one electric guitar player, we could add in all those other sounds.
  • Audio interface, you can split the sound into more than two.
  • Long-term – use audio interface, not 1/8 inch cable with L-R split
  • Training videos available
  • Live Intro – $99 – does everything except the video track

–          How do we do this at my church?

  • 1. Foundation = Click Track
    • Main hurdle – getting drummer to play with click track
    • Lovingly encourage them to stick with it
    • It may seem strange to hear the click track, but our goal is to play in time.
    • If they get off, just stop the click, and restart
    • It helps keep the tempo without always having to have either the drummer or piano always pounding the beat. They can hear it, and know when to come in
    • Band has to have click tracks, they let the singers decide whether or not they want it.
    • TAMA Rhythm Watch – Click track
    • Westone UM2’s Dual Driver In-Ear Monitors ($279)
    • Call and talk to Dale, tell him you took this class, and get 10% off
  • 2. Choose a Music Director
    • Goal of a MD is to bridge communication between band and worship leaders
    • Pro Co Panic Button ($175)
      • A/B button – A singing voice; B, talk to Band
        • Mic into it, one goes to house, one to band.
    • WL communicates to
    • This would allow me to talk to people who I want to (band, tech) and not to the whole house, using the same mic.
  • FC200 Roland
    • Foot pedal for guitar players where you can control from pedal
  • Open Labs Keyboards
    • Open Labs Neko keyboard
    • Built in computer to the keyboard – with Ableton Live on the keyboard
  • ProSonus Firebox – audio interface
  • When you sign up through Interactive Worship Live – , you get some free tracks
  • Need:
    • Laptop connected to audio interface via firewire
    • M-Audio Firewire 410
    • Recommend FW 400 6 pin connection to laptop and connect hard drive thru audio device
    • Get the Firewire 400 to connect to audio interface!!
    • Buy computer – 7200 RPM drive; that would fix the lag
    • On the Go 100 GB drive

–          IWL Lite

  • Play from iPhone or iPod touch, iPod
  • Very lite program

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