Bike Ride and Noah Question

Just a little video from this past summer – Olivia riding her bike, and Emily asking a question about Noah. It didn’t seem so humorous as I was taping it, but watching it back, it’s actually a pretty good picture of what life can be like staying on top of 3 kids (2 in this video). Hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Bike Ride and Noah Question

  1. I just love this video … it has so much heart and beautiful life! The funny comes in watching you, Barry – even though we can’t see you – attempting, successfully, to show both of your girls your love and attention. Even though the two of them seem pretty oblivious to each other, they both want your attention and you give it. I think the sweetness is in seeing how Emily and Olivia have a dad who is and always will be so there for them.


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