QR-Code as Facebook Profile pic

I thought I would have a little fun today, and change my Facebook Profile pic. I also wanted more people to find my blog, so…

Using a handy little tool where you can create your own QR Code, I thought I would just make  a barcode and save that as my profile pic.

When you scan the image with your phone, or barcode scanner it should bring you right here – to my blog!

Who knows how many people’s curiosity will lead them here, but we’ll see.  If it worked for you, why don’t you leave a comment! Most people will probably just think – huh?

Use this site to create your own QR Codes by entering a URL, text, phone number, or whatever…

OK – that was my computer nerd/geek moment for the day. Got it out of my system for a while.



One thought on “QR-Code as Facebook Profile pic

  1. It’s a interesting topic. I have also tried to create a qr code for my blog. It’s easy to do that some website provide free apps for people to create qr code, which allow people to write their own information. It’s really a funny tech.


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