All About Worship Retreat 2011

Worship leaders: are you looking for a wonderful retreat this Spring to be refreshed, recharged and to connect with other worship leaders in a smaller, more personal environment? If so, then the All About Worship Retreat 2011 is the one for you!  I was privileged to attend the retreat last year, and it really was a highlight of my year! There’s only about 60 attendees at the conference, and with worship leaders such as Brenton Brown, Pocket Full of Rocks and Sarah Reeves there this year, you really get the chance to interact with them, ask them questions, and even get to know them on a personal level.

The schedule includes times for some general sessions with worship by Brenton Brown, Dave Fitzgerald, Sarah Reeves and others; worship teaching times with Brenton  Brown and Michael Farren from Pocket Full of Rocks; breakout sessions on a variety of worship-related topics; small group discussion times; some free time/jam session built in; and even a song feedback panel where you can play your own songs and get productive feedback from these amazing worship artists.

One of the best things about this retreat for me last year was the chance to connect with other worship leaders, some of whom I’ve continued discussions and relationships with all year.  I look forward to seeing them again this May, and meeting many more.

Watch this video to take a look at what you can experience this year at the All About Worship Retreat!


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